Terms & Conditions of your registration and membership of the Hemp Trades Association UK Limited (which includes The Global Hemp Trades Association Limited / The Hemp Trades Association Europe Limited / CTA Europe Limited / CTA South Africa Limited / CTA Americas and CTA Asia. All of whom trade in their appointed areas as CTA or Cannabis Trades Association or variations thereof.

• As a member of the Cannabis Trades Association you also become a legal member of the limited company (Hemp Trades Association Ltd t/a Cannabis Trades Association UK) which is a company limited by guarantee. Each member undertakes to guarantee the liabilities of the company to the value of £1.00 GBP.  

• At the association, we deal with many complex business issues, including legal and regulatory matters.  As such, you authorise us to act on your behalf as a member of the association.

• Memberships are subject to an initial 12 month obligatory term and as such an obligatory twelve monthly payments are required starting from the date that you submitted your membership registration however, the initial twelve months obligatory member subscription may exceed your obligatory membership term depending on the date your registration was submitted as membership fees where paid for by DD are taken at the beginning of each month.  There is a cooling off period of fourteen days where membership registrations can be retracted, this is subject to you not signing your member subscription (direct debit/receipt of payment covering membership fees), by signing  you are accepting that your membership is for an initial obligatory twelve-month period.  The cooling off period is applicable to the initial twelve month term and any subsequent renewal term.   Any membership benefits cannot be accessed until we have a valid membership subscription in place.

• You acknowledge that your membership is for an initial period of 12 months and although you can cancel your membership at any point, the remaining fees for your full twelve months obligatory term are payable.  If you cancel your subscription within the initial twelve month term, then you will be invoiced for any remaining fees due for the obligatory twelve month membership term, this will incur a £25.00 plus VAT administration fee and we do reserve the right to pass any unpaid invoices to our assigned collection agency (Shire Recoveries).

• It is expressly acknowledged that it is your duty to prove compliance for your organisation although we assist with compliance matters we can not be held responsible where our advice is not taken and/or addressed. 

• Your company will not be listed on the CTA companies’ directory until such a time that we are in receipt of an active member subscription in place.  You are solely responsible for ensuring that your registration is completed in a timely and professional manner and that you provide all the required information including the correct email and telephone numbers to allow us to contact you.  You must not suggest membership and/or display the CTA Logo until such as time that we have sent you confirmation to do so in writing.  Should your membership lapse, the CTA logo and any references to membership must be removed from display from all marketing material. 

• Membership subscriptions cannot be placed “on hold” at any point during your membership term.

• Where any monthly subscription payment fails, and any accounts fall into arrears of more than 28 days the CTA will invoice for the failed payment.  This will incur a £25.00 plus VAT administration fee. 

• Where companies are not trading in the UK and/or are unable to subscribe to a monthly direct debit subscription, we can send a quarterly bi annual or annual invoice for your subscription on request.  However, if invoicing is your preferred method of subscription, then a £12.00 administration fee will be applied to any invoices issued.  

• The CTA has the right to suspend a companies listing on the CTA companies directory where there are concerns on the legality of any products which contravene the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 until any issues and/or breeches have been addressed.  Memberships fees are payable during any suspended period. 

• The level of your membership subscription cannot be reduced during the initial twelve months obligatory membership term. 

• Your membership term will automatically renew after the initial obligatory twelve month term and although you can cancel your membership registration at any time, a period of three calendar months notice is required in writing once the fourteen day cooling off period for your membership term has completed, membership fees are payable during the notice period.  (The notice period is only applicable after the initial obligatory twelve month period).

• Should your company go into administration during your membership subscription period you will not personally be liable for any unpaid subscription fees however this is not applicable where you are operating as a sole trader / partnership where any outstanding fees would be due while the membership is still in the initial obligatory period.  It is your responsibility to notify the CTA should your company cease trading.

• These terms and conditions will apply throughout your membership term and are subject to changes. 

• You will be notified in writing or by email 30 days prior to changes in your membership subscription.

The Hemp Trades Association UK Ltd t/a Cannabis Trades Association is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 10472540 Unit 1, Prescote Manor Farm, Cropredy, Banbury OX17 1PF, United Kingdom.
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