The first full meeting of the International Hemp and Cannabis Federation, IFCHA was held yesterday led by Pierre Leclerk in Quebec Canada, where the IFCHA is to reside. The CTA has joined this Federation and we hope to work with the other international trade organisations for the benefit of international World Trade in hemp and cannabis and the provision of medicinal cannabis.

Chairman of the IFCHA, Mr Leclerk stated:

 “Since the reintroduction of hemp as an authorised crop, the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes in several states and/or countries and more recently the legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes in Canada, Uruguay and Thailand, multiple issues have emerged around the World. 

Whether it concerns legal definition, commercial exchanges, accessibility, classification, or international standards, we are all involved. The global prohibition of hemp and cannabis was done under international collaboration, and we firmly believe that its rehabilitation will also take place through international cooperation.”

IFCHA mission (proposed at the meeting and subject to amendment) 

To bring together hemp and cannabis associations and to contribute to the responsible development of the legalisation, cultivation, processing and marketing of Cannabaceae.

Our main International goal is to repeal, or amend the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961 in relation to hemp and cannabis with its significance to the Proceeds of Crime Act’ which so hinders international trade development for hemp and cannabis. This monumental goal a `hard ask’ but as the UK has a permanent seat in the UN we feel diplomatic and governmental pressure can be brought to bear. The difficulty will lie with other UN permanent member governments veto rights.

We will keep our members up to date on the meetings and progress we make together.

The Hemp Trades Association UK Ltd t/a Cannabis Trades Association is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 10472540 41 Wincolmlee, Hull, Yorkshire, HU2 8AG, United Kingdom.
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