Trading Standards

Trading Standards Offices are found within you local council. They deal with illegal sales activity and helping businesses make sure they’re trading legally. Find your local Trading Standards office by entering your postcode on this site:


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is the UK’s independent advertising regulator. The ASA makes sure ads across UK media stick to the advertising rules (the Advertising Codes). The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) is the sister organisation of the ASA and is responsible for writing the Advertising Codes. The ASA and CAP are committed to regulating in a way that is transparent, proportionate, targeted, evidence-based, consistent and accountable.

Make a complaint here:


Some products are hard to distinguish from a medical device, for example products that might be medicines, cosmetics, food supplements, biocidal products or personal protective equipment. These products are called borderline products until their status has been decided.

Medicines Borderline Advice Form -

or email - [email protected]


Consumers should have confidence that their food is safe and what it says it is. Food crime is defined as serious fraud and related criminality in food supply chains. This definition also includes activity impacting on drink and animal feed. It can be seriously harmful to consumers, food businesses and the wider food industry.

The Food Standard Agency’s National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) works to prevent, detect and investigate food crime across the UK.

Report food crime here:


The VMD considers that veterinary products containing Cannabidiol are veterinary medicines  and should be regulated as such.  CBD products for use in animals therefore now require a marketing authorisation before they can be sold or supplied in the UK. There are currently no CBD based products that have been granted a UK veterinary marketing authorisation.

Report to [email protected]

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice believe no one should have to face problems without good quality, independent advice. To give people the knowledge and the confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem.

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