Following the success of the First Reading in June 2021, we would like anyone with an interest to contact your MP to support the second reading. If successful it will pass on to 'Committees' for scrutiny.

We've drafted the letter - all you have to do is:

  • cut and paste the letter below into your email, 
  • fill in a few pieces of information about yourself/business.
  • Find the details of your MP and copy/paste their email address into your email.

You will be able to find the email addresses of you local constituency MPs here: 


Subject: Private Members Bill - second reading - Medical Cannabis (Access) 2021-22

Dear [name of your MP here],

As one of your constituents I am asking you to support the second reading of this bill on the 10th December 2021.

As you may be aware there are many people who are still unable to access medicinal cannabis through the current system and legislation.

Taken from point 7. Jeff Smith MP Labour Manchester Withington:

"My bill is aimed at breaking through the barriers stopping patients being able to be access medical cannabis. It's a campaign that I've been involved in for some time, and although medical cannabis is legal, lots of patients aren’t able to get NHS prescriptions.

“I’ve got constituents who are affected by this, as have many other MPs. One of my constituents, for example, is paying a fortune for a private prescription for his grandson, and it shouldn't be like that.

“It is a complicated issue, but I’m looking forward to working with ministers and officials on how we might solve the problem.”

Please would you let me know if you can support this bill and its modest aims by allowing it to pass through to the Committee stage.




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