We are looking for the help of the membership and beyond to get your local MPs involved with the a new APPG being set up. This will address the many concerns of the CBD industry and related products in the UK. 

We've drafted the letter - all you have to do is:

  1. cut and paste the letter below into your email, 
  2. fill in a few pieces of information about yourself/business.
  3. Find the details of your MP and copy/paste their email address into your email.

You will be able to find the email addresses of you local constituency MPs here: 

Find your MP

The deadline for this is Wednesday 10th November 2021

Subject: APPG on CBD Products at 10am on Wednesday 17th November in Room O, Portcullis House

Dear [MP’s NAME],

As the [OWNER/CEO/MANAGING DIRECTOR] of the CBD business [COMPANY NAME], based in your constituency at [COMPANY ADDRESS], I am asking you to please attend the inaugural meeting of the APPG on CBD Products at 10am on Wednesday 17th November in Room O, Portcullis House. 

CBD companies like mine currently face considerable legal uncertainty between the letter of the law and how it is interpreted by the authorities. For example, CBD products are widely available in mainstream supermarkets from Aldi to Waitrose with £690 million of sales a year. However, because the Home Office has not yet determined limits of detection for a company to prove that their product does not contain controlled cannabinoids, nor defined permissible trace levels, these are not exempt from the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 and so are in theory illegal. As you might imagine, this has a huge impact on my business and employees in your constituency. Steps are being taken, but a review is still pending and its outcome is uncertain.

I understand the APPG will seek to work on the following goals which I support and as your constituent would hope you can support too: 

  • Working to help Ministers define legal thresholds for controlled cannabinoids in CBD products.
  • Enabling an evidence-based regulatory environment so customers can continue enjoying the product and businesses like mine can continue to thrive. 

In June the Government of Jersey provided a template for dealing with these problems by setting up its Cannabis Services Advisory Board and amending legislation. In Guernsey a threshold level for controlled cannabinoids in CBD products has been set addressing both detection and trace level concerns. It is time for mainland Britain to address these issues.

Please would you let me know if you can support the APPG and its modest aims by attending the inaugural meeting or joining the APPG as a member?  



Letter to your MP re: APPG on CBD
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