Our industry had become fractured over the last few years with different strands and voices representing hemp, ingestibles and CBD, animal health and feedstuffs, and medicinal cannabis.

The Home Office restrictions on licencing has made it uneconomic for most companies to apply to grow hemp or medicinal licences. Investors are unable to fund industry due to the proceeds of crime act, and the word `cannabis’ frightening off banks, and insurance companies. Whilst the CTA completely supports the FSA Novel Foods process, it is slow and cumbersome and the requirements for Phase 2 Risk Assessment precludes all but the largest companies, leaving white-labellers in limbo. The CTA is in active talks with the FSA to remedy this.

Our CTA Members interests are represented via the CTA with all of the Ministries, institutions and legislative bodies, quietly developing policies and processes to remove trade blockages. Our sole interest is to help our members to grow their business.

The major trade bodies working as a group within the `Secretariat Advisory Group’ to the APPG CBD, have produced and agreed the Plan attached.

We are all rightly proud of our efforts. It has brought the trade bodies closer and we believe as this Plan takes into account every aspect of our industry and the hinders facing it today.

The CTA has special responsibility for the Ingestibles section, and input into parts of the medicinal section and the industrial hemp sections. As a group, all of the members of SAB2.0 agree with the contents of the report, and your Executive Directors, Sian Phillips and Marika Graham-Woods are rightly proud of our efforts and those of our colleagues on the SAB.

Copies of the report were sent on the 26/7/22 to the relevant Ministers with copies to their Secretaries of State, SpAds (Special Advisors) and relevant Department Directors. – a total of 28 physical copies as well as 500 emailed copies to MPs and interested parties. There will be a full Parliamentary launch on the 13th and 14th September. August looks like it will be busy talking to reporters, TV and film crews.

Enjoy a good read of the Plan attached!

If you have any queries please call 0207 7018 1000 or Sian or me.

Marika's mobile is +44 (0)7798 871171 

Sian's mobile is  +44 (0) 7946 253523

A Plan for a Legal and Regulated UK Hemp and Cannabis Sector
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